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Social Media Management


While many of you know my own personal social media accounts well, you may not be aware that for years now, I have at various points managed (and in some cases started from scratch) the social media accounts of several major brands within the musical universe. 

Over the last 7 years, my clients have included brands and companies such as Bernhard Hammig Flutes, Sankyo Flutes, Uebel Clarinets, Yamaha Artist Services, All Flutes Plus, and other major retailers in the industry.  I have recently expanded my scope to include socialites, jewellers, and accessory brands, as well as maintaining my own personal socials, which include not just my well-known Instagram account (as well as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, though I focus my energies primarily on IG, but also the socials of my podcast and instrumental duo. 

I have a fantastic track record of greatly increasing engagement, building follower bases, and driving sales for every brand I've worked for and continue to work for.  The services I provide can range from full-scope content creation and management, where not only do I take care of the day to day running of the accounts, but I actually do the photography and/or videography myself, including all editing; to simple account management for those who are too busy to ensure consistent posting, which of course we all know is the primary key to growing your audience and by extension, your business. 

Pricing is determined in a one on one conversation where we discuss your needs and how I can best help you to achieve your social media goals. Consistency of posting is more important than volume; it's much more helpful to post something well thought-out and beautifully shot at the same times every Wednesday and Saturday, for instance, than it is to just chuck up any old content every day at random times; more is not always better! 

Email me and let's figure out how we can transform your social media into Must-See IG!

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