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Josh Johnson looking at camera, holding a pair of Selmer Privilege clarinets near his face

Josh Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist from New York, now based in London, who has played in the orchestras of more than 20 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (pre-pandemic, he held the solo flute chair in the award-winning Yiddish revival of "Fiddler On The Roof", directed by the legendary Joel Grey, for over 2 years) ; a dozen national and international Broadway tours, performing in theatres and concert halls from Boston to Tokyo; and can be heard on nearly 40 film, television, video game, and commercial soundtracks.

Known worldwide as an expert in all things relating to woodwind instruments (his blog "So Many Instruments, So Little Time" has been read by over half a million woodwind players worldwide), Josh has also been sought after as a consultant by several woodwind manufacturers in the design and marketing of new instruments, has been described as the "Ollivander of The Woodwind World" for his ability to match players with the perfect equipment setup, and has managed (and continues to manage) the social media accounts of several woodwind instrument makers as well as retailers. 


Recently, in cooperation with his close friend and Grammy Award-winning clarinetist and gifted instrument tech/maker/designer (and Selmer Paris Artist) Michael Norsworthy, he has launched a podcast, also titled "So Many Instruments, So Little Time", to continue his mission to educate the general woodwind playing population on the tools of the trade, but to also discuss issues such as the grey market, distribution deals, artist contracts, auditions, doubling, and a host of other topics. Click the Spotify link at the top of the page to check it out! 

Josh is a Selmer Paris Clarinets Ambassador and a TJ Flutes International Performing Artist.


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